Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oops. Fill ins about 2 GREAT concerts!

I promised pictures.
I lied.
My camera's charger is M.I.A.

The concert was a phenomenal experience! The opening act was a band called Holy Fuck. Intense name. One that I wont say out loud. But their performance was pretty sweet, I liked their music and all... but it was hottttttttt, OH SO HOT. And crowded. And these girls kept trying to weasel their way up to the front so people had to build human walls / barriers with their crews to prevent these these people from slithering their way through to the front, pushing people who GOT THERE FIRST back. So that put a little crank in my 2 step (whatever that means... ).

But when M.I.A. came on... It was wonderful... she was so fierce she was wearing this gold sparkly hat that had... things .. hanging down from the side... and a gold jacket that matched and some purple tights and silver shorts.... and like a purple leotard with neon doodads on the front. Her backup dancers were so fierce. I love the colorful culture that M.I.A. brings to your eyes and your ears! ESPECIALLY THE EARS... I mean... the beats of her songs... like... I feel like I caught the holy ghost in church.... it was the secular equivalent of a religious experience. I couldn't stand still even though I was basically MUSHED against everyone else.

Let's talk about the audience situation... it was... bodies... upon bodies... upon bodies. Once again just like that time I went to hear Girl Talk at Vassar... I was covered in a collective sweat. College age kids mostly ... maybe some younger... all dressed like a rainbow puked on them ( I mean that in a good way, it was a beautiful thing) just... smushed together. everytime someone moved, the entire crowd had to move. the security guards had to salvage some people from the audience because people were getting literally crushed. Im sure that sucked for them, but I liked the situation, honestly. I always do enjoy being able to be that close to people without it being awkward. Because when I was dancing modern in high school we always had to be "all up on" each other and you kind of miss that when it's gone. haha as crazy as that sounds.

skip to Jamie Lidell concert in NYC Sunday June 8

Ticketmaster told us 8 pm. Sash and I get there at 7:40 or something... and the guys are like... he goes on at 10. So I decide to see my friend, who just moved there. He was working, and he told us how to get to come see him. I was so excited to see him, but we didn't. Once we got off the train, we walked in the wrong direction for a LONG period of time (long story short) and by the time we realized that, we had to go back to get there in time for the concert.

Now we get to the concert.... The first act is on... I dont know who it was, but they assured me that if I wanted to I could become a singer for a band I could. and I'm sure i could learn to play guitar like that within weeks. I mean to me it sounded like PLING PLING PLING (airy dry singing voice)... i woke uppppp todayyyy and drank coffeeeee PLING PLING. But i forced myself to be into it because I was in the moment and I was happy to be there and live music makes me happy in any form.

Jamie comes on... wearing these pajama-ish pants. they were like black and cream soft... linen like almost... and they had a huge hole in the crotch. And a tshirt with a black blazer with gold detail on it. He looked great! hahaha! He's really really tall! his guitar player donned an evel knievel outfit, whilst the sax player wore a short silk robe with NO PANTALONES underneath i think. im hoping there was SOMETHING underneath. I kept trying to peek to see but I couldn't tell ( we were in the front row)
The performance was off the chain! The boy can sing! There's just so much energy he has coming out of his body he just can't contain himself when he performs. And he goes to his little... station where he records all his vocals and layers them to create these intense beats and sound effects. Once again... those beats... it was like a secular version of a religious experience! It really was like a journey. Those parts where he did all the layering of beats and such with his voice... I really truly felt like I was in a trance , and i couldn't stop moving. The audience was much different, everyone had his or her own personal space. the guy next to me was WILDING... THE HECK... OUT. I just kept seeing arms and legs flailing out of the corner of my eye. Then I caught his shoulder shimmying at a side glance ... CRACKED ME UP! unfortunately we had to leave a bit early to catch the bus back to pa. bad planning because TICKETMASTER LIED AND SAID IT WAS AT 8PM.

anyway. those are my two great concert experiences.

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mybirthdaypony said...

I would have LOVED to go see MIA. You lucky girl!