Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm pretty sure last year's Disney Channel 's programming was 100% better than it is now. First of all... why would they trade late nightBoy Meets World, Phil of the Future, Life With Derek , That's So Raven , and Suite Life for... CARTOONS... those cartoons... are unenjoyable if you're not an 8 year old boy, who wouldn't be awake at such hours to see these programs. I can't be the only person who feels this makes no sense.
I am forced to be on my computer making blogs because there's nothing good on tv during my favorite hours of the day(night?)
we should protest.
moving along....

You make things worse when you try to be sly. See, my dog Chloe is on my bed and she's located in the spot to which I wanted to move my feet so I figured instead of moving her (cuz she'd probably bite me) I'd just bother her by putting my feet under her so she'll want to move... do you know that little monkeybutt made herself comfortable on top of my feet? now i can't move them...

in more exciting and useful news... I'M GOING TO THE M.I.A. CONCERT THURSDAY. I will be taking plenty of pictures and will narrate for all those who haven't experienced the wonderfulness that is M.I.A.

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